R. Robinson – Young Professionals with Newborn. Gluten-free.

R. Robinson – Young Professionals with Newborn. Gluten-free.


My husband and I have been using Mark’s services with Food-Valet since January 2014 when I was newly pregnant with our daughter.  We were looking for someone who could prepare healthy, organic, gluten free, nutritious meals for our growing family.  Mark at Food-Valet was our solution!  Mark was thoughtful in his approach and his easygoing demeanor made it simple to communicate our needs and get them met.

Due to my husband’s hectic work and travel schedule and my concern with providing my baby to be with the best food possible, we turned to Mark’s services for his convenient method of shopping for our groceries each week and cooking a variety of fresh and healthful foods right in our own kitchen.  He was also able to take my dietary needs (gluten intolerance) into consideration and create a range of meals that we could enjoy each day of the week.

We have also enjoyed watching Mark take different foods and repurpose them so very little goes to waste.  He certainly has a knack for taking the least exciting foods and preparing wholesome and tasty meals that leave you truly satisfied.  This satisfaction led us to refer Mark’s services to several friends as well as cater their baby showers as well.  He has been both professional and knowledgeable and created ease in our family knowing we are eating quality home-cooked meals.

We highly recommend Mark and Food-Valet and are certain his support over my pregnancy led to a very healthy and happy baby girl in July.  We continue to use Mark’s services to date and it is exciting to know he is now making healthy blends of baby food for our daughter.  We could not be happier and blessed to have found his services.

-R. Robinson, Psy.D., MSW


Dietary Requirements

  • Gluten free
  • Exclusively organic produce
  • Grass fed red meats and organic poultry
  • No pork or chicken for her, roasted chicken ok for him.
  • One fish meal weekly
  • Homemade baby food


Sample Menu Items

  • Halibut or seabass roasted with brown rice and green beans
  • Vegetarian quinoa side dish with vegetables and garbanzo beans
  • Gluten free pasta with vegetables and ground beef
  • Brussel sprouts shaved and lightly dressed in a honey mustard vinaigrette
  • Assorted sweet potato, carrot, apple, spinach, green bean, purees for baby food to be kept in freezer and thawed for daily use
  • Large green salad
  • 1 lb chicken roasted for him
  • 1 lb ground beef Mexican-style for tacos or burritos
  • 2 lb roasted tri-tip
  • Pineapple or various melons and fruit cut up
  • 4 baked potatoes