K. & C. Lindley- Young Professionals with Newborn. Paleo-style.

K. & C. Lindley- Young Professionals with Newborn. Paleo-style.


I’m writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mark Mahin and Food-Valet.  My wife and I are financial planners and just had a baby girl.  Thus, our schedules are increasingly busy which can make it difficult to keep a healthy and quality diet.  Mark has been instrumental in working with our stringent dietary needs and has enabled us to free up valuable time to spend with the new family and not shopping, chopping, washing, and juicing vegetables all day.

We now have healthy lunches that we take to work and have meals waiting for us when we return home that we can easily reheat in our toaster oven or convection microwave.  Mark is professional, reliable and takes the time to understand exactly what we want.  His proficiency and know-how around the kitchen make for an outstanding and qualified chef and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to simplify this important and often under-valued part of their life.

-K. &. C. Lindley


Dietary Requirements

  • Gluten free
  • Exclusively organic produce
  • Grass fed red meats and organic poultry.
  • Very low carb, paleo style diet
  • Lots of lean proteins
  • Lots fresh and lightly cooked vegetables.


Sample Menu Items

  • Spicy filet mignon chili
  • Curried chicken and quinoa casserole
  • Albacore tuna salad
  • 1 lb turkey meatballs in marinara sauce
  • 3 lb roast brisket
  • 2 lbs roasted chicken breast sliced
  • 2 lbs prepped carrots, celery, broccoli, radish, cauliflower
  • 2 lbs steamed  vegetables.
  • Large salad with mixed vegetables
  • 32 oz freshly made almond milk
  • Almond based chipotle dip for veggies